Belgian Acoustical Society
Belgische Akoestische Vereniging
Association Belge des Acousticiens

Objectives of the ABAV society

The Belgian Acoustical Society (ABAV) was founded in 1966, as a national society without financial profit goal. The society gathers all interested persons from universities, research laboratories, consulting offices, industries, governmental organisations, ... with activities in the field of acoustics in its broadest sense: physical acoustics, industrial noise control, building acoustics, environmental protection, electro-acoustics, noise protection, ...

The society has at the moment approximately 150 members (effective, associate, student and honorary) and 70 supporting members.

The ABAV Society has the following goals:

  • to create a permanent working frame for information exchange between members emanating from any of the acoustical disciplines;
  • to collect and to exchange information on all topics of concern for the society;
  • to create a forum for discussion and exchange about noise management, noise protection and noise control in the interest of creating acceptable, our agreeable acoustical environment;
  • to contribute to the development and promotion of acoustics as a scientific discipline;
  • to establish strong links with similar national and international associations.





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